our history

The Forge Exclusive Company located in Civita Castellana (Viterbo) loc. Casal Ettorre s.n.c. was founded in September 2010.
The owner Marco Bracci has been operating in the field of forged iron since 1986 moving the first stages in the family workshop where he gained the knowledge from his father Lando Bracci professor and craftsman.
In 1994 he founded the "Ferrum s.n.c." a reference company in the field of decorative iron furniture contract; Commissions range from works with a high quality objective (essentially carried out for Saudi Arabia and E.A.U., Barhein, France and Russia) to prototyping and project management of outdoor products on behalf of the major companies in the industry.
In the current dimension of artisan crafts, the mission is the design and construction of decorative structures, furniture collection and furnishing of forged iron with a high standard of quality achieved in full respect of traditional techniques.
We also work in the field of residential and hotel furnishing contract by interpreting and elaborating the aesthetic and stylistic royalties of the environments.
In the field of restoration we carry out documentary research both for philological reproduction and conservative and supplementary recovery of ancient forged forged articles.

our philosophy

The workshop is a didactic place where everything around you is "inevitably obsolete", this reminds the organitation of an old factory in which we feel the roots to the tradition and the technical knowledge of metal forging.In this atmosphere, where the work is carried out, the main value is "the attitude to the quality."
The education of this principle is developed with the constant propensity of The investigation and experimentation that affects the methods and objectives of the work. The final part is the aesthetic balance, not as an academic exercise but as "weighed" result of "precise" technical and expressive qualities.